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Weedborn County is not the classic farming game.

You start the game without any experience, so you need to grow up, earning experience and leveling up your character.

This allow you to unlock advanced tools and new slot in your room to upgrade your production and unlock higher lvl strain.

Besides this, you must choose your path and follow one of the different specializations that you can find at the University.

Weedborn County is a p2e game, so a game token will be introduced.

This token (WBC) can be traded in WAX on the Alcor Exchange and can be used in-game to reach the end-game and unlock all the game features.

The game will have 2 different STAGES:

STAGE 1 of the game "Indoor Growing" is 2D and has 2 different phases.

Phase 1 where all the basic mechanics of the game are active, so you can start level up your character, unlock different tools, unlock different strains, buy and sell on the Shop for WBC, learn and lvl up skills on University.

Phase 2 will be introduced the Chemical Lab and a new token.This phase will be very important for the future of the game because it introduced the (WBX) token.

This token can be earned only from Chemical Lab, and require advanced skills.

With this token is possible to buy real products, new floors for your production, many other things that will be updated later.

All this is needed on STAGE 2 of the game.

Stage 2 of the game "Weedborn Metaverse" is 3D

This is where all the job our players do on the past stage, open the way to the real Metaverse, where you can diversify your production thanks to the many products and buildings that will be added.

In this stage, players have the opportunity to take part in the activities of real companies that will have an agreement with Weedborn County.

For greater transparency and a greener blockchain, all real companies that collaborate with the Weedborn County, will be obliged to release all their data to increase the guarantee of origin of each of its products.

(The Weedborn County game is intended for an adult audience)


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